Classes Description
Monday January 27, 2020
Classes Description

Spin Circuit: Complete workout that will get unheard racing and muscles burning. Get ready to use all kinds of equipment from spinning, bands, Weights and gliding.

spin interval:  indoor cycling taking ur heart rate into all energy zone .

spin endurance:: train your body to be more efficient at metabolizing and maintain a comfortable pace for extended period .

killer class: 60 minute workout challenges all your major & minor muscle group by using the best weight room exercises , great music and your choice of weight to inspire you to get the result you come for and fast , this class targets all the body muscles .

TRX Suspension training: total body workout using your own body weight to achieved the fastest result ever .

muscle Tone: using barbells and weights to strengthen your whole body , the workout challenge all your major muscle groups by using weight based exercises , such as squat , presses , lifts and curls to appropriate and energetic music .

Circuit training :  Circuit Training is a total body strength and conditioning class that will challenge you to improve your overall fitness. This cross training circuit class is a mix of cardio, weights, and plyometrics. Stations are set up to utilize strength, agility and power. Every major muscle group is challenged in every circuit training class.

 Hang Training: HANG Training is a multi-dimensional exercise methodology, which incorporates a series of basic training tools to form a dynamic movement platform which provides highly effective strength and cardiovascular development.

Pilates:  essential  matwork that builds awareness and strength from the ground up while challenging flexibility creating a strong and healthy body 

Yoga fit:  ( vinyasa ) is a part of the on going evolution of yoga originated in India several centuries ago as a system of psychological & physical practices . These practices created greater health, mental awareness & balance. yoga fit classes involve linking several poses together to create  strength , flexibility , endurance , balance & effectively work all parts of the body equally .

Fire &  power:  This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. BURN MORE THAN 735 calorie.

Fat burn:  high intensity interval training workout incorporating running and plyometric to increase aerobic capacity, metabolism and power.

Step  tone: Train your entire body with intervals of cardio training using the step and strength conditioning

Ball Challenge: buns , legs , core and more the areas you want to work , this creative  challenge will excite your sculpting sense  along with a cardio training through combos using stability ball.

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