About Us
Saturday August 08, 2020
About Us

Gold's Gym Egypt is the leading gym in Egypt, established to improve health and fitness in Egypt and that is the mission of the fitness and nutrition department in all Gold's Gym Egypt branches.
Our aim is to improve the health and fitness of our members along with achieving any other goals needed from our members...those goals include fat loss, weight gain, increase lean body mass, improving general health, rehabilitation, preparing for a specific sport, among many others.

Positively change members lives by offering a premiere fitness facility.

It is our vision to set service and excellence at a whole new level for the fitness industry. We seek to attract people who take pride in being and doing their best and being part of an organization with a reputation for excellence.

Gold's Gym of Bloomington invites you to browse our website in order to see what we are all about. We would love you to experience the service excellence and achievement of fitness goals we are striving to meet for every one of our members.

The first Gold's Gym in Egypt was established in Maadi at 1997, which was the first gym in Egypt that had those high standards, designs and a huge workout area.

On April 2000, an extremely strong competitor for Gold's Gym Maadi existed; it was the opening of Nile Gold's Gym. This gym gave the whole world a new idea about what a Gym could be. That was supported by its unique design and location overlooking the River Nile of Egypt.
In July 2000, in a competition between Gold's Gyms worldwide, Gold's Gym Nile was ranked as the Best Gold's Gym in the world in comparison with more than 650 branches, but that wasn't all. Gold's Gym Nile also won the Best Interior and Exterior design in comparison with all other Gold's Gym worldwide. In addition the Gold's Gym Nile was ranked as the Best international Gym in the world in year 2000.

All of these ranks and prizes weren't a surprise for us since we put very high standards that can't be defeated. In addition, our main target is to develop people sports culture in order to make it possible for them to enhance their life style.

Furthermore, we have succeeded in selling franchises in the Egyptian Market. This policy resulted in the opening of the following branches consecutively: Gold's Gym October City, Gold's Gym El-Sheikh Zayed and Gold's Gym Lagoon Alex. This shows how serious we are in opening new branches allover Egypt.

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