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Gold's Gym is the largest co-ed gym chain in the world, recognized for our passion, unique heritage, and experience as the authority in fitness. here.

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We inspire our members with unrivaled energy, and provide the finest equipment and fitness knowledge available to help our members achieve their individual potential. Gold's Gym is the gym of preference to amateur and professional athletes as well as the entertainment industry.

We are also the Official Gym to the Dr. Phil Ultimate 7 ,/6Weight Loss Challenge.

History of the Fitness Industry From the beginning of time we have been awed by physical fitness. Legends like Samson, Ulysses, Tarzan, Atlas and Hercules have captivated us for centuries. The ancient tradition of stone lifting has evolved into the modern sport of weight lifting. From stone lifting came the modern tale of Milo the Crotona, the Olympic champion wrestler of the sixth-century B.C. Ionia. As the tale goes, to build his body strength, Milo would lift his pet baby bull everyday. As the bull grew in weight, Milo grew in size and strength. Below are some of the most important dates in history of the development of the fitness industry. In the 1890s A professional strongman from Europe came to America. His name was Eugene Sandow and he was billed as “The World’s Strongest Man”. What set him apart from others was the aesthetic quality of his physique. Both men and women admired the beauty and symmetry of his physique. Sales of barbells and dumbbells rose dramatically due to Sandow’s popularity. Contests were held in which physical measurements were compared. In 1921 A young man who would become one of the most famous men in America won the “Most Perfectly Developed Man” contest at Madison Square Gardens. At the time his name was Angelino Siciliano. To capitalize on his growing fame, he changed his name to Charles Atlas. He became well-known through ads in magazines and a comic called “Dynamic Tension”, where a skinny kid who has gotten sand kicked in his face, sends away for a muscle-building course, then goes back to beat up the bully and reclaim his girl. In 1930’s Public awareness of physical fitness grew in the 1930’s on the beach in Santa Monica. “Muscle Beach” in Santa Monica became an area where people flocked to watch weightlifters, bodybuilders, and gymnasts. Miss Muscle Beach and Mr. Muscle Beach contests soon were held. In the late 1930’s numerous shows that brought together boxers, gymnasts, swimmers and weight lifters and other athletes who performed athletic feats as well as to displaying their physiques. In the 1940’s Olympic weightlifter John Grimek won the first real bodybuilding event, the Mr. America contest which was produced by the AAU. Grimek put to rest the idea that men who trained with weights were muscle bound and unable to perform athletically. His legendary posing routines lasting more than 30 minutes evolved into an extraordinary degree of strength, flexibility and coordination. In 1950’s Body building still remained an obscure sport until Steve Reeves (Mr. Universe and Mr. America) won the screen role in the title movie “Hercules.” In 1960’s Muscle Beach moved from Santa Monica to Venice, California. “The Pen” later became an outdoor haven for more up and coming champions. Through the years there people promoted fitness such as Vic Tanny, Jack LaLanne and Ben and Joe Weider. Joe Weider was instrumental in promoting bodybuilding. Through his magazine Muscle Builder, which later became Muscle and Fitness, Joe has not only provided good articles and photos of the top physique starts, but he has also managed to gather enormous amounts of valuable training information which he continues to share in eight fitness magazines that Weider Publishing produces today. Joe and Ben Weider formed the IFBB which promoted the most prestigious bodybuilding contest of all: the Mr. Olympia Contest. In 1965, Larry Scott captured the first title of the Mr. Olympia contest . In that same year; Joe Gold opened a small body building gym one block from Muscle Beach. This gym was a no frills gym, with bare floors and concrete walls that house homemade equipment. What it lacked in amenities, it more than made up for in atmosphere. Body builders outside on Muscle Beach now had found an inside haven at Gold’s Gym. It was the place to train for a body builder and quickly became known as the Mecca of Body Building.


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